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Women for women

Built upon the foundation of trust and support for working women in Nepal, Meesa invisions to create a beautiful shopping experience for the working woman. It doesn't just limit to the products and services we provide but we believe in creating a better customer relationship.

Meesa, founded back in 2018, saw an opportunity to serve women with the most private clothing that the whole community is shy to speak about, lingeries. In all of us, there has always been a question. A question no one thought to ask, because it all seemed normal and would never change.

Why are the clothes, specific to one gender, sold by men?

No matter how good the business or the sales pitch, we always had a question in our head, but is ‘he’ going to understand it? It was a silent dilemma hurting us everyday.

A change was necessary, and the answer was Meesa. Over the years we garnered numerous customers who trust us and have kept in touch frequently. Our goal is to create a shopping experience for woman like no other in their convenient location and time.

There’s no greater thing than time, as fellow women working and keeping up with personal lives, we understand it more than anything. Instead of a hectic search, we want to help you save time. One might say “Meesa sells products”, but our answer is “Meesa sells time”. Time for every woman, which can be better spent with oneself and family.

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