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Size myth that leads to a wrong bra
May 02, 2021
Did you know 80% women end up wearing a wrong bra size?


Clearly cause they lack understanding about band sizes and available cup sizes. We tend to settle down with the size we have been using for a long time. But is it necessary to compromise when you can actually find the perfect size for yourself?

The answer is clearly "NO".

bra measurement

Every seller who has been telling you your bra size is giving you incomplete information. They only tell you the number. However, the number of your bra size is always followed by an alphabet. No one ever tells you about it. Cup sizes are an equally important element as the band size of your bra. While the number represents the band size (the part of the bra that goes around your underbust), the alphabet represents your cup size. So, are you wondering how you calculate your band size and cup size? Here we have made things easier for you to understand. Follow these steps and you're good to go!


Underbust MeasurementStep 1: For band size 

Wrap your rib-cage area (underbust) with a measuring tape and round it up to a whole number to determine your band size. Add 4 to the number if it's even, else add 5. 

Step 2: For bust sizeBust Measurement

Now for the bust size, check for the fullest part of your breast (i.e. the part around your nipple) and round it up to a whole number as well.


Step 3:Now to calculate the bra size, subtract the band size from the bust size

For example, if the underbust measurement is 27.6 inches, rounding it off, the whole number will be 28. Since it's an even number, add 4 to it. Your band size is 32.
Suppose the bust measurement is 34 inches. Now moving on to the third step, the result is 2 (34-32) which corresponds to the letter B which is your cup size.
So the bra size is 32B for the underbust and bust measurement of 27.6 inches and 34inches respectively.

The next time you purchase a bra, remember to know your complete size and not just the numbers. 

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