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Which for What?
Jul 07, 2021

Ever wondered why we women are so fascinated by lingerie? Well, that's for a very certain reason: what we wear inside gives us support and great confidence both inside out. Not only that, our choice of bra and undies help us wear the type of dresses we want and hence save the day. 

Buying different types of bra for different dresses is very common, viz strapless for off shoulders and tube dresses, Seamless for thin t-shirts, push-ups to flaunt cleavage, and so forth. When we are so very concerned about bras then why not about panties? We women are very choosy when it comes to choosing a bra but when it comes to buying underwear, dahhh.. anything would be fine. And that's where we fail and give embarrassment a way to ruin our life. 


Ever been through a situation where you couldn't wear your favorite body con dress or tight trousers with the fear of panty lines? Most of us must have been through that. And even if we wear our favorite dresses we are insecure all the time with an abundance of awkwardness and embarrassment as to how it's looking outside. And that outer appearance bothers us too much that we start getting nervous inside.
No need to worry any more dear ladies. We are here to help you solve all the raised and unraised questions that you must be having in your hearts right now.


1) Seamless Panty

Well if you take into consideration our suggestion then please keep extra seamless panties in your lingerie collection. As the edges in a seamless panty aren't stitched hence the panty lines do not become visible no matter how tight the trouser or dress you are wearing is. Seamless panties go perfectly well with any kind of outfit you go for, let it be formal pants, jeans, pencil skirt, body con dress, or anything. 

Seamless Panty

2) Period Panty

Period panty is the best friend you can have during those hard days of your month. The period week is the most struggling week with the fear of your favorite light-colored dress getting ruined and most importantly changing the bedsheets quite frequently. A period panty is triple-layered from inside with a thin plastic sheet in between that doesn't let bloodstain come out of the panty. So with period panties on, be carefree even on those days and dance like nobody's watching!

Period Panty

3) Boxer Panty

Boxer Panty is a dual-purpose panty and saves money of one of the panties or the slacks. Boxer Panty goes well with pleated skirts, jeans, track pants, mini skirts, and joggers.

Boxer Panty

4) Thong

Thong is the sexiest thing you can have in your collection! These are the perfect type of underwear to wear with formals and other outfits. 


5) Highwaist Panty

Highwaist Panty works like a body shaper to some extent. It helps hide the part of the skin that would otherwise bulge out with normal panties on. This genre goes well with frilled dresses and skirts, Parallel pants, and so on.

High Waist Panty

There are yet many other types of panties that we must know about to avoid panty lines and discomfort from ruining our day. Stay tuned to know more and let us start the journey of exploration together!

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