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How detrial works?
Jun 07, 2021

How many of us have been through this situation where we buy a bra or any product online, we get it delivered but then it doesn't fit? Many of us we guess! All you do then is compromise.  

This thing happens mostly in cases where we don't know our exact size. Even when we know it, we may face the same problem. Why? Well, that's because of different standards used in different countries. In fact, the size differs from brand to brand. and we are well aware of the vast options we get from online shopping.

Confused Girl

We ladies already compromise about a lot of things but when it comes to bras we suggest you not compromise here. We repeat "DO NOT COMPROMISE!".  

Ever wondered how easy would it be if we bring to you a physical store at your doorsteps or any location that's most feasible for you? That way you can do the trial, see if the product fits and keep if it does. Doesn't that sound amazing? That certainly does!  

DeTrial is all about that now. DeTrial stands for Delivery and Trial. Another way round, it's a trial service offered to you during the delivery.


We here at Meesa have come up with this exclusive idea of delivery and trial service which lets you do the trial of the product during the delivery.  Before moving on let us make it very clear that we do not provide DeTrial services for panties!

Let us now proceed on to understand how the DeTrial Service works stepwise:

  • Select a product from our website for DeTrial.
  • Schedule the date, time, and location on which you want the product to be delivered.
  • Wait until we arrive at the destined location for the delivery.
  • As we arrive, you can go and try out the product while we wait outside.
  • Purchase the product only if it fits you otherwise return it.

It's now important to understand what do the DeTrial charges look like:

For purchases equal to or above Rs 1000, the DeTrial service is free of cost.
For Purchases below Rs 1000, the charges are according to the distance in kilometers: 

  • For the first 5 Km: Rs 50/-
  •  For every additional 3 km: additional Rs 50/-

DeTrial cost

We would like to make another important remark here. If you apply for another DeTrial service right after the failure of the first DeTrial then the charges will not be added to the first payment you made. You'll have to pay extra charges for yet another DeTrial service you seek for! 

Also, you can make it much easier by selecting two or more different sizes, try them all out, and at last keep the one that fits. This way you will not have to pay an extra fee! Amazing isn't it?

So you know now what to do the next time you aren't sure about your size! Go DeTrial!

Happy shopping Meesas. Shop smart, be smart!

Disclaimer: DeTrial and Exchange services are at halt due to covid. We shall resume these services once the situation gets normal.

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